Waiting for Spring

Waiting for Spring

I must say, this place I am staying is not the most inspirational of spots, but that is good for getting things done, less chance of distraction. Or is it? I can enjoy myself in any situation, and adapt quite well to all sorts of weather and climate, either hot or cold or anything in-between. No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.


I was never so inspired, creatively and professionally, as when I lived on a cliff-side in Guatemala in a small house called “Casa en la Piedra”. Instead of being distracted by the incredible volcano views, wildlife, gardens, birds singing and the mysterious lake, I was motivated and inspired by it all.

So, sitting here in Lower Sackville, NB, I was feeling a bit “meh” and decided to take a walk and get inspired my surroundings. My camera in hand, I made it as far as the back yard, where the only bit of nature in sight was hidden under a thin layer of snow.

Was it inspiring? Sort of?what I found was a whole lot of metaphors for how I was feeling, in a phrase “waiting for spring”.

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