Posts made in August, 2012

Flat tire change

After watching Wayne and John remove, patch and replace my tire several times, I figured I would have to give it a try all by myself. There is nothing quite so satisfying as knowing that if in a jam, I am capable of changing a tire on my own. It wasn’t without difficulty, and a broke a sweat before a broke a bead, but break it I did. With a little help from my car.? Starting out, my lovely...

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Pre-trip St. John’s to Vancouver Motorcycle Ride

It is official. My work has granted me the month of July off to take a little trip across Canada. My father, Dave, and I were supposed to do a trip like this after he retired. Back in ’92 though, retirement seemed like forever, so In the meantime I decided to put on a backpack and take off to Australia for a “walk-about”. I eventually landed a cool job with the Queensland...

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Motorcycle trip to Burin Peninsula, NL ferry boat to St. Pierre, France

Last weekend, I decided last minute to meet up with my Road King friend Brian in Burin for a trip to St. Pierre. We could not take the bikes on the ferry, but I figured a few fun pics of St. Pierre might be interesting for someone The ferry and B&B were booked Friday am, and I left Friday after work with minimal luggage and a full tank of gas. The weather was fabulous – until of course...

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