St. John’s to Vancouver and Back Part 5

Woops, lost track of the days already.

Um, this would be July 7th

Got all the way to Sudbury, and Dave suggested a Hotel, because you know it was getting late and he really needed a shower.. (commence eye-rolling sequence)

Blowdrying my sheepskin after a little shower.

Dave, very happy.

July 8

A little nap in one of the rest stops in Ontario (Apres Sudbury)

Dave’s helmet starts to fall apart (New, from somewhere in cyberspace)

The only gas between Wawa and White Lake.

The only rooms…

The Innkeeper Wayne made a point to mention that the bears were particularly bothersome this year, and that the camping park 30km down the road costs $30 a night, while his lovely cottages are only $50.

Wayne microwaved us some dinner

And we got a “cottage”

The Back

A gold and diamonds prospector showed us his core samples.

And we got away bright and early the next morning

This guy was biking around lake superior, he was British with a thick accent.

The Aguasabon Gorge

Bringing us to July 9…


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