St. John’s to Vancouver and Back Part 9

Leaving Jasper was quite cold, and we got a bit nappish somewhere along the way – and pulled over into this little village in the middle of nowhere. I suggested going down a dirt track (had to get some offroad riding in) and Dave valiantly steered his fully-loaded bike down the path to the train tracks.

Pulled out the old blue tarp and had a bit of a nap.

I love how the clouds just hover in the hills.

Dave noticed a funky log cabin on our way down to the tracks so we stopped in to see what it was.

Turns out it is a REAL BIKER hangout. I mean, scary bearded dudes with bad attitudes and stuff! Of course I go in looking for a cup of tea, I asked a guy (the one who took the last photo) if they served tea in there and he said “you can get anything you want in there”.

The overnight accommodations ($30) a night.

Parked in the garage…

The decor inside:

Of course I go in and ask for my Tea and the lady at the bar says “you want anything in it” with a puzzled expression on her face. I tried to get her to smile but she was pretty stoic. I didn’t dare take her picture.

Despite the “biker” feel, it was a cozy place and I even had the bartender smiling by the end of it. I still didnt ask for her picture though.

Highway 5A to Merrit.

There is a funny story that goes with the whole Merritt rally thing – but I’ll tell that one another time.


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