St. John’s to Vancouver and Back Part 8

St. John’s to Vancouver and Back Part 8

After Drumheller, we decided to pick up some oil at a Walmart, and while we were there I picked up some panties and hair elastics, and toothpaste. The girl at the cash burst out laughing, and had a hard time keeping a straight face, she said “I am not even going to ask what you are doing with motor oil, panties and hair elastics, I know what the toothpaste is for!”

We all had a good laugh and grabbed a pic just for fun.

The next stop we made was in a small town (will have to look up the track) and it had started to rain. We pulled in at a tourist information booth, where they had a caboose on display from the 1940’s.

We asked the girl at the booth if she could unlock the caboose so that we could have a nap out of the rain- she said she could but she had to give us a tour first – just to make it official.

Dave listening to the tour guide.

Shy tour guide

Tammy has a nap

While it pours outside

Off we went to continue to the mountains. I could see the landscape changing and was anxious to see some mountains, so we kept rolling all day.

We made it to Banff, and while waiting for our accommodations, they suggested we enjoy the hot tub. Didn’t have to ask me twice! I had already fallen asleep in the lobby. (Rocky Mountain resort, Dave’s treat. He stays there every time he goes to Banff)

I am in the mountains!! Wooohoooooooo. My first time!

An adventurers bike we saw in town, there were three similar bikes.


The next day we rode to Lake Louise.


There are so many amazing shots of these places already done, but I had to take a few snaps.

From inside the hotel dining room.

The same three bikes from Banff showed up in Lake Louise. They parked right next to us and came over to chat – I wish I had more time – these guys are from Oregon and washington and wanted to travel with us a bit. They got a kcik out of Dave’s Pirate stories. Crazy guys!!

Biff Malibou


More pictures of mountains

This might look familiar – it is on the back of a $20

On to Jasper (the guys were heading South, too bad)

This was along the way, a free campground with firewood and bear lockers.

I will have to ‘shop some of these photos – I havn’t touched photoshop yet… I will need a full week I think.

Another stop, Athabasca Falls

In Jasper at a campsite

Our camping neighbours turned out to be from CBS, living in ALberta.


It was next to a babbling brook, and was surprisingly quiet.

Gassing up in Jasper –

Tomorrow – on to Kelowna…


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