St. John’s to Vancouver and Back Part 7

Drumheller, one of my favourite stops of the trip

If you look closely, there are people in his mouth.

In the Heart of the Canadian Badlands in Southern Alberta, the Drumheller Valley is a peculiar deviation from the flat lands of the prairies. I got this photo from Panoramio, (I can’t yet fly, so I had to borrow an aerial photo).

Drumheller has the richest deposits of fossils and dinosaur bones in North America, and a dinosaur museum capable of holding anyones attention for many hours.

Outside the museum they have life-size statues of some of the smaller dinosaurs.

Not Dave, (Although he is 50) the dino is down by his feet.

Inside the museum


Prehistoric Sea life

Whale arm/human arm

Art in the museum entrance

Drumheller was so cool we decided to camp in the badlands. The GPS pointed us to a spot near a river, so off we went.

The GPS led us onto the ferry

At the end of this video, Dave says “Hey a..” he finished with, “I think we went too far” to which the ferry operator asked if he could help.

After telling him we were looking for a camping spot, he said it was back on the other side. He suggested we continue on and ride up to the top of the hill where there was a spectacular view, and he would would wait and take us back when we were ready. He also told us he would keep the Ferry operator shack unlocked in case we wanted a shower in the AM.


I am so glad we did, because I got this shot up at the top of the hill.

His wife and grandaughter were with him when we came back.

We camped at the free camping area, and went back to get a shower the next morning. We heard a really loud SLAP coming from the river, but I didn’t get there in time to get a good picture of the beaver, who was slapping his tail on the water.

But I did get his footprints

And a video

The free Campground (My Hammock almost packed)

Great spot – I will be going back to Drumheller.

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