St. John’s to Vancouver and Back Part 6

So we saw these cool waterfalls and stopped at a rest stop for a breather and bum break, there were lots of these stops – I didnt document them all.

It started to rain – we pulled into this gas station (Huge wall mural, largest in North America they say)

I was dressed for the rain

And the rain kept coming, however my Tourmaster jacket and pants were not up for the challenge and I got very wet.

We pulled into a small town East of Thunder Bay, looking for a motorcycle shop. Found one in the yellow pages, but it turns out they moved shortly after the ad was placed. We did some riding around in the rain looking for it. I cut off some poor pickup truck – I did a shoulder-check but my rain poncho blocked part of my view, forcing him to skid out of my way. I earned the emergency underpants after that one.

We finally found the shop and a lovely shop-owner named Larry

Gave Dave a lecture on proper helmet purchasing, and found him a new lid.

Nice Shop

Larry also invited us on a group ride in Costa Rica this fall. Would I ever love to go – but I don’t think work will let me. Maybe I should quit my job and become a motorcycle vagabond. Tempting isn’t it!

After the shop we rode some more, and it kept getting colder and wetter. I bought some Frog Togs at the shop, but I was already soaked to the bone. We looked everywhere for a place to stay, turned down one seedy joint because it stuck of smoke so bad. Then we finally landed at a half-seedy motel. All the trip so far I had been complaining about not camping, I REALLY wanted to camp – but this night I was quite happy to have a seedy motel.

Here is Dave demonstrating how to dry boots with newspaper.

It was the only bad day for me of the whole trip – I did not like being wet AND cold.

Our Newfoundlander neighbours the next morning.

The topless fellow said that working in Fort Mac was “better than being on welfare.”

This little fellow was peeking around my bike.

He had a bad leg and was begging for scraps.

This couple were riding around Ontario on their Harley.

At our next meal stop, we met the memorable Bob. He was having a bit of a midlife crisis and decided to bicycle across Canada, Victoria to St. John’s. His girfriend made him a facebook page called “Bob’s midlife Criscycle”

I hope this wasn’t anyone we know.

SOme more waterfalls. I like waterfalls.

I was hoping for an action shot here – but no luck.

I got a bear hug at our next pit stop.

Truck stop decor.

I was very happy to have the weather get so much nicer.

German campground owners made the best Leek soup

Even warm enough for ice-cream!

Somewhere in Manitoba

The sun was beginning to set, but this is the start of the prairies, so the sun takes a LONG time to set.

Electrical tape sun visor works in a pinch.

Two hours later the sun finally started to set.

Flooding in Manitoba. We were so enthralled by the carnage that we forgot to look for a campsite. We were going to camp on the closed road area but it seemed to unstable.

I was getting really tired, we stopped for a tea and tried to find a tent spot on GPS, finally we got directions to a place that had an open spot. It was dark when we got there and we left early so no pics.

We rode through the prairies quite quickly – the weather was nice, the roads were perfect and no traffic to speak of. Just long, straight, beautiful, relaxing roads. I liked it.

It is nearly impossible to explain the BIGNESS of the sky.

Still some flooded areas.

Rest stop

When Dave has his rain suite on, we call him the yellow man.

I, on the other hand, am the African Micheline Man

Feral cat

There was a thread about landscape vs portrait a while back. I like portrait for this shot – it shows the bigness of the sky.

The yellow man

An interesting combo for the prairies

I have a video of the truck motel at this place. Will post videos to youtube at a later time.

Getting into the heart of the prairies I rolled over 11111.1

Stopped for one of many naps

Copying Tree’s Australian sleeping spot – it was next to a cemetary. Highly recommended, very quiet, secure places?

There were prairie dogs peeping out of these holes but they refused to pose for me

These fields of yellow were everywhere for miles and miles. Some are canola and some are yellow clover. You can really tell when it is clover because the air smells really sweet.

Something is missing from that last picture.

Oh yes, the yellow man.

The pink stands out too

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