St. John’s to Vancouver and Back part 3

Mike and Staphanie escort the drifters…

So we all went for a ride – with Stephanie leading the pack, myself then Dave in the middle and Mike holding us all together in the back.

Here are some pics from Mike’s camera.

Dave showing off his “pucker moment” pants.

A bit of a downpour on our way out of town…

Four Lumberjacks

And the Video Mike got of our soggy departure for Orillia:

It did clear up nicely after a couple hours in the rain.

See, happy the sun is out!

Sneakers hanging off the wires

Once in Orillia at Dave’s brother’s boat, we grabbed a beverage, and flopped onto the dock for a little R&R While waiting for his brother to get off work.

The brothers

Heading out to lake Couchiching

Sunset BBQ on the deck

Tammy telling tall tales

Morning swim in the lake

Breakfast at a bakery

(We are really roughing it huh?)

Just messin’ around

Too be continued… (Heading more “Wester”)

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  1. The pic–of you laying on the dock-

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