St. John’s to Vancouver and Back Part 2

Day 4

The next day we got up early and had a fine breakfast with the family. I stopped to take a quick photo of all the blossom petals that had fallen overnight. Lay me down in a bed of roses!!

Anxious to get going – we headed North, missed the Renous Highway and kept going into Quebec. Somewhere in Quebec we came across a Castle. Had to take a pic or two – it was, how you say, weird?

We hit some heavy rain going through the Gaspe, and so elected to stay at a motel to dry out the gear. To bed early and up early.

Day 5

We did the dreaded highway through to Montreal this day, hit the city just as the sun was setting into our eyes. Going 120kmph while boxed in by trucks is not my favourite thing to do – but it was the most direct route to the OKA campground where we planned to stay. We arrived after dark, and setup camp. OKA was very nice, clean and friendly. We didn’t start any standoffs or anything – all was calm.

Day 6

Tea and oatmeal for a quick breakfast before heading on to Ontario.

A few bugs just as I setup the camera for a shot.

Perfect trees for my hammock. It was so comfortable and quick to setup. Very happy with it.

The tent was pretty painless as well, but the hammock is def. faster to put up and take down, as well as smaller to carry.

The ferry near OKA.

We made it all the way to Mike and Stephanie’s bike palace – arriving before they were done work, so we did a little touring while they found their way home.

This is John, a guy we met at the ice-cream shop. He just got his licence (like Dave) and was working for DnD (like Dave) so they got along great and have been in communication since as well. John bought himself a brand new Triumph.

Dave checking his mail using the wireless from the Marina.

While Dave was checking his mail, I got a phone call from the Merritt, BC Motrocycle Rally, saying that I had one their facebook contest for free all access passes to the event including rock bands and such. They wanted me to send them a photo…

This was a hot day – the only one so far! It was quite chilly up until this point.

Mike making coffee…can you find him?

The dog who thinks he is a person…

Dave enjoying his coffee

The Bike Palace

Getting ready to head out, just before the rain

To be continued…

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