St. John’s to Vancouver and Back Part 15

Made it across the border with no problems, and landed at my cousin’s place in Grand Bay, on a beautiful sunny day.

The reflection in the mirror says it all.

My cousin Angela cookin up a scoff.

So, it is July 29 – and tomorrow I could go to the U2 concert, or head for the ferry and go to the Soiree. My cousin was going to the concert, but after a month of freedom and big skies, the thought of line-ups and crowds was really turning me off. So, I booked the ferry for the Soiree!

The next day, I decided to swing by my Dad’s resting place to say hello.

It had started to rain, and I was a bit sad (my dad and I were supposed to do this ride together)

My Dad had an awesome sense of humour, so I left him the emergency underwear…

As I picked up my helmet with the scratched up face screen, I could hear him telling me to not ride with a helmet scratched up like that – especially in the rain. So I pulled into Eldridge’s on Manawaganish road. While in the shop getting a new lid (no screens available for my other one) the heavens opened up and it POURED sheets of rain.

By the time we left the shop, Manawagonish road was a river – we were up to our butts in water – no exaggeration. I dropped my SPOT tracker and had to chase it in the current.

The rain continued, we made it to my mother’s place in East Saint John, by the airport and stopped to get out of the rain. We were soaked through – had to throw everything in the dryer. I called to cancel the ferry, no way I could make it to Sydney in this rain.

We stayed at my mom’s for a visit – the rain let up a bit in the afternoon. Dave’s son had called to tell him he got a job in Alberta and would be leaving on Monday – so Dave really wanted to get home. The rain had let up, but the roads were still pretty slick, so I accompanied him to Halifax – and glad I did, as the rain started heavy again and you really needed two bikes to be seen at all in it.

Of course the next day was sunny again, and my sister (in Dartmouth) decided to try out my bike.

I think she likes it!

Due to the rain, I had missed seeing some dear friends from Moncton, so I headed back to Moncton for the night, and the next morning I continued on to the ferry in North Sydney, sad to have missed the Soiree.

Nap time.

Tall ship

Pretty good zoom on that little point and shoot

Cape Breton is always a treat

The only KLR on the ferry

I had booked the ferry that morning, so I had no chance of getting a room, and I hunkered down in one of the quiet rooms with a few Harley bikers from Quebec. At near midnight, I heard my name called on the loudspeaker – I was on the waiting list and got the last Room on the ferry.

I told the girls I was hanging with and shared the room. You would swear we had one the lottery!

Back on the island. Feeling really really lucky to have done the whole trip without a hitch.

Naturally, I recommend it to anyone, it is such a great country we live in. I suggest 2 months, not one. The only gear I packed and didn’t use was ratchet tie-downs, as the ferry has some already.

Weather fluctuates wildly so I was glad it was cold when I left here – as I was prepared for the mountains and Northern Ontario.

THe end!

Next trip… hmmmm

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