St. John’s to Vancouver and Back Part 14

Another great campsite at the Driftwood park, a couple hundred kms West of Ottawa, on the Ottawa river.

Getting wood for the fire.

And coffee.

It was such a nice spot, I took lots of pictures. The weather was nice, but some thunder clouds were rolling on the horizon, so we used a tarp for extra protection, although it turned out it wasn’t necessary.

It is the last site – nestled into a hill and right on the water.

Dave found gold of course, he is a pirate.

This looks really silly to me.

Tarping for weather

We headed out early, meandering our way towards the border again to head through the states to New Brunswick.

Cool house along the way. I love the new contrasting with the old.

So we are rolling down the highway, minding our own business, waving at all the bikes going by, some waving high, some waving low, some tipping their heads… when this one biker rides by and has her whole arm going with a big generous wave…. wait a second!! That is Stephanie and Mike!!

Stephanie had “guessed” where we would be based on our spot track from the night before and our previous early rising habits. Pretty darn good I must say!

They were kind enough to offer up a nice route to the border, and rode with us through some of the very nice stone towns along the way. We stopped for lunch near a lock on the Rideau canal.

A photo of the photographer.

Boats waiting to pass through.

The official lock-gate operator. WHat a job!

Going through

Stephanie and Mike rode with us for quite a while, then went off home while we continued on to the border. We stopped at this awesome ice-cream shop for an old-fashioned banana split.

We made it through New York State (kind of run-down looking there) and on to Vermont, then just into New Hampshire looking for a camp spot – but it was getting too late – so we stopped at a B&B. The B&B was full, but the owner went out of her way to find us a spot, and we ended up at an amazing B&B.

Border to New Hampshire

The view out the room window

That is me in the Hammock

Waiting for Breakfast

Breakfast with some bicyclists from Vermont.

Jennifer our lovely hostess

New Hampshire and Maine are great states to ride through, lots of lovely little towns and windy roads.

I love to find those nice rivers and streams that beg for a quick dip. You must be over 18 to view these photos.

It was too cold for Dave

We kept going and as it got late in Maine, we followed the GPS to a camp ground in the remote hills. When we got there, it was getting dark, and I am nto sure why I don’t have pictures, but it was sooooo creeepy we left kinda quick.

THere was a neon light with OPEN flashing in that spitting sputtering kind of way. The wooden storm door was banging in the breeze, and there was a sign that said “trespassers will be shot”. No-one in sight. The air had the Stephen King novel feel about it – and we were in Maine, so we carried on to the next GPS camp location.

It turned out to be fishing lodges where they initially said they didn’t have any cabins left – but then someone said that so-and-so left early, so there was one left.

Another gem of a spot.

Off again – on the way to Saint John….

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