St. John’s to Vancouver and Back Part 13

At the next stop, somewhere around Medora, North Dakota, we stopped to look at the landscape, as it was very similar to Drumheller in Alberta. There were wild bison here, although I didn’t see any.

DId I mention I am a very lucky person? Just going back over these photos I feel like I won the lottery – it was such an awesome trip.

I happened to glance down at Dave’s tire and noticed this little gash…

It seemed quite substantial, so we rode to the nearest town (Dickinson) to find a replacement.

This guy was so helpfull!

He called all the shops in town with no luck, then called around the next few towns and finally tracked down a guy in Bizmark who had some tires, but he was overbooked and could not put them on.…0/IMG_1633.JPG

We headed towards Bizmark to buy tires and then we figured we would ride around looking for a shop to put them on.

We had to stop and nap along the way – we were anxious to get new tires, but I could hear Murph in my head saying “never ride tired, pull over and nap”.

It wasnt much of a tree – but the only one in sight. The crickets were so loud we had to speak up to hear each other.

Big sky

We made it to Bismark, and stopped at the Kawi dealer to pick up the tires. When we got there, he not only had tires, but he made room in his schedule and had his mechanic stay late on a Friday night to put them on for us. We must have looked pitiful!

We traveled on with the new tires, we were aiming for fargo, don’t ya know, but didn’t quite make it. We found a great little tenting spot though.

Stopped for a snack and a nap at a golf course

I found picnic tables quite comfortable.

Getting close to Canada again

The day before, there was a heatwave of 118F in Minnesota. When we crossed the border at Fargo – it was 50F.

Another nap stop, I set my hammock up to stay out of the flies. (no hammock pics though)

Tall trees

Oil stop

This was an awesome campground as well, the GPS led us here.

Breakfast of champions

Trying to clean my sun-glasses

There was a sign for a lake so we followed it down a dirt road for a few kms, but then there was another sign that pointed down a track for another 5k, so we decided to stop for lunch there. Dave was not comfortable taking his loaded KLR down an unknown dirt track. This equipment was in the middle of nowhere.

Dave wanted some photography pointers so I acted as a model for him. Don’t worry, I wont quit my day job.

Dave, you cut off my feet.

Um, there is a mirror on my crotch.

I can’t resist climbing things (when I was little, my parents would find me at the top of trees, sign posts, garages, you name it)

Um Dave, you cut off my feet

Um, Dave, you cut off my hands.

In the meantime, I am running back and forth to the camera to see what he took, and these bees kept landing on the camera. We kept shooing them away.

I don’t have this on youtube yet, but we had been galavanting around this machinery with a very large bee’s nest – right where I was climbing. I think you can watch the video here. We decided to leave the bees alone – they were looking pretty disturbed.…eat=directlink

An interesting poster

“Open the box, shut down the bar”

The landscape was looking more and more like ontario, so I didn’t get too many more photos until after the border. I didn’t have my camera out for the border crossing, but there was a spectacular rainbow in Sault Ste Marie. We stopped at a road-house for a bite, and while we were inside, the skies opened up – with a wonderful thunder and lightening storm. Another motel and we headed back into familiar Ontario.

More later….

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