St. John’s to Vancouver and Back Part 10

The Story of Merritt, BC

From the great Canadian Bike Rally web page.

I was surfing around the web looking for cool things to see in BC, and I stumbled on this website for The Great Canadian Bik Rally. I added their facebook page, and noticed that they enroute to one of the places I wanted to go. They had logos like: BC Supermoto, BC Motorcycle drill team, Harley Owners group etc. and a supermoto event on one of the days – so I went to their facebook page to see more. There was a contest to win 2 free all-inclusive event passes so I entered it.

Near Mike and Stephanies I got the call that I won the passes, and I was thrilled (any chance to safe a few $$ is big on a trip like this!)

When I told Stephanie she had a funny look on her face, and even funnier when she looked up the Rally. Her and Mike tend to avoid those Rally’s, I’ll let her explain why.

So after the phone call, they wanted me to send a photo for their website, which I sent. I then got an email saying that they were very excited that I was coming all that way, and the local TV station wanted me to do an interview. I was feeling all puffed up and excited about that – they were going to set me up with a helmet cam for one of the poker runs.

So we get to Merrit and I send another photo – this time of me AND my bike, and the tone suddenly changed. Also, when we pulled into the motel, it was FULL of very shiny Harley’s and a lot of folks sitting around drinking in the parking lot. When I got off my bike, the greeting I got was, "I think you are lost, the rock is that way"
I was loaded with gear trying to get up the stairs to the room and nobody would move, Dave had to put on his Pirate voice and say "Make way maties, coming through!" They weren’t so much rude as too drunk to notice.

Anyhow – the next email from the Rally was suddenly toned down…. I just got the heeby jeebies there and decided I would rather go see my friends in Vancouver than hang out with the bunch in Merrit.

It was an experience.

We went to Harrison hot springs next for a very very relaxing soak in natural hot spring water. (OMG, the sun just came in my window and lit up my keyboard!!!) THe town was beautiful – like a resort town, but I seem to be lacking photos. I was in teh water I guess and didn’t take out the camera. Here is a link to the Harrison Hot Springs website, I would go back here for sure.

Outside of town.

ANd finally to my good friend Brian’s place in Ladner, BC. Brian put us up and fed and watered us for 2 days!!
Off course Brian is a Newfoundlander from St. Georges, so he knows how to look after folks!

He also made me throw away my down sleeping bag that I ordered on the internet. I was so pleased with my purchase, at first. A lovely, light-weight, super-compact down sleping bag. It was warma and comfortable. But it started to smell. And the smell got worse – although I ignored it because I liked the bag so much. I brought it into Brian’s place and both him and Dave insisted I throw it out – it reeked so bad – even after washing it. Brian literally tossed it off the balcony

Here is me trying on Brian’s Prescription Harley riding glasses. Groovy baby.

Then off to Vancouver to dip my tire in the Pacific ocean! I made it!!!!!!!
Brian, myself and Dave in Vancouver – waiting to meet up with my other friends living there.

The sleeping mag murderers…

Finally, we met up with Tracey from Saint John, we made music videos together in high school and I had not seen her since then. She had been living in LA, and only recently moved to Vancouver. It was great to see her and catch up. And Leta from Moncton, we worked together at a couple different places in Moncton, I hadn’t seen Leta in over 10 years.

Brian’s little scooter

Leta had never been on a Harley before, she was thrilled!

Dropped my helmet…

Traci forgot her purse on the wharf, Brian went and got it for her, showing how a real man carries a purse.

Bald Eagle in the tree next to the wharf.

She is still thrilled


Pretty pleased

Chatting with Traci

Somehow I got this shot inside a tunnel

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