St. John’s to Maine Motorcycle Trip

Had a great little trip to Maine!

It all started at the Ride for Sight, which was fantastic except for the nasty migraine that kept me out of the fun for the weekend. I chose motorcycle therapy and went for a spin with my Harley-riding buddy and did the Fogo-Twilingate-Morton’s Harbour loop before heading to Grand Falls for the night.

Ferry to Change Islands and Fogo I taught Brian the fine art of Warf napping.

No TIe-downs…

Mini lighthouse


New humungous hotel

Met a group from St. Pierre

They ship their bikes on a cargo ferry – and take a passenger ferry over. The cargo ferry runs every 2 weeks, so they had to tour for 2 weeks before going back.


More pics from the twillingate, Morton’s harbour area.

Great weather too – and my head was starting to feel better.

Spent the night in Grand Falls, then left solo for the Ferry – more great weather. I looked for a high spot in COrner Brook to get a picture of the beautiful setting of that town, and went up a gravel road – I made the mistake of stopping half-way up and ended up sliding backwards down the hill for what seemed like several minutes – it was probably 10-20 seconds though.

Nice view up there!

The weather started changing as I neared the Wreckhouse

I put my raingear on and it started to rain shortly after.

Cover your eyes buys, this is the inside of the ladies room of the Tim Horton’s in PAB. I stick my magnetic tank bag to the door so I dont have to put it down on the icky floor.

When I got to the ferry, I was pretty wet, and I wanted to get out a change of clothes – so I asked the guys in teh garage if they minded if I parked there for a bit,

So they invited me in for Bacon, eggs and sausages! Had a coffee too and chatted until it was time to line up.

Only a couple other bikes.

Had a reserved seat on the ferry, and slept ok.

On driving in Nova Scotia I took the back roads and stopped for a snack and a nap here.

However the locals started screaming at me to leave!

Even the trees looked angry at me:

Even the pigeons in the barn were making a lot of noise.

So, I decided to check out this “multiuse” trail nearby.

But didnt get very far before deciding it best to turn around.

I continued on to New Brunswick…. and stopped at an Esso in Sackville, NB. While there, I got a text from Zac at CMGonline saying he was going to use one of my ride reports in the magazine. I asked where he was, and he said “Sackville”. So he hopped on his bike and met me at the Esso and we went to lunch!

CMGonline does the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally as well – they are based in Sackville??? Whooda thunk it.


While I was sitting having lunch with the Handsome young Zac, I heard my name being called – two friends I hadn’t seen in over 10 years were walking towards me! Very Cool, I met up with them a week later in Moncton.

After lunch I continued on to Saint John, then Grand Bay where I met up with my Cousin and her kids. My cousin had to get her kids to the Halifax Airport that night and come right back so I went with her for company. We got back after midnight….

I continued on to Maine the next day, taking the Number 1 coastal road as it was raining. Beautiful route but a rough road – and the rain was a bit of a pain – but it was warm!

Stopped for a snack.

Made it to my friend Steve’s “garage” near Camden and got a few things dried out. I had’t seen Steve since 1995 – he was my Photography instructor in the 80’s and he hired me to teach Photoshop at the College in F’ton in 95-96.

This is steve at home in the UK

I didn’t get a picture of him in Maine?? Weird I am.

Steve’s Concourse – his “Maine” bike – it has been to Russia!

Had a great chat and some of Steve’s home-roasted coffee beans – YUM! Went for a great Kayak paddle down the river, then off to Cornish to see Molly the next day.

I missed a few rain photos that were on my iPhone, it was sunny up ahead of me – but raining steady on me! This is still on the #1 coastal road.

Gas prices ..

Finding Molly’s farm was interesting, as there are 2 Merrifield Farms within 25 miles of one another, and I went to the wrong one first. There is also a Merrifield Farm Stand run by Molly’s daughters that I accidentally happened upon – further confusing my search.

It was getting dark, so I looked it up on the iPhone maps one more time and finally arrived at the correct farm just as it was getting dark. It was quite fun to bomb around the Maine countryside discovering all the different farms in the area

Molly was sitting around a campfire with her daughters and a couple young fellows there for a late night chat with the wise Molly.

I was tired so she showed me to my quarters…my own little cabin! She left me there in the dark saying “Havent been in here for a while, hope the rats aren’t nesting in the bed…”

This land has been in her husbands family since the 1700’s – everything is hand-made and generations old.

The next morning – the earth was still wet from the previous days soaking, so Molly couldn’t cultivate that day – we had a full day to bomb around on the TW200’s!

The famous “Ratty Pigeon”

The Main Farmhouse

So – I dont have a track of where we went – and I was “following” most of the way – but we went 175 MILES through Maine and New Hampshire…. not returning to the farm until 9pm….

Lady Monkey-butt powder…

This place used to be where the rich folk “summered” – they set up tents in the back yard for the servants.

Cog trains go up this hill – look for the “trails”

Ice Cream Stop

Getting late

I slept like a rock that night…

The next day I had to myself, Molly had to cultivate and work on land in other places, so I had the farm to myself to roam around and take pictures. Cultivating involves driving a tractor very slowly with hoe-lke extensions on the bottom – you have to try to get as close to the plants as possible without disturbing anything. Each row is done several times. Takes a LONG time to do. They would not let me drive the tractor!

Fire Pit

Trout pond and stream diversion area.

I blew out my flip flop, fixed it with a washer, some twine and an elastic.

Trout in the pond

It was quite hot, and I could not resist a skinny dip in the pond – my dip lasted a total of 12 seconds…. mountain runoff is freaking cold!

Drying laundry on the bike

Molly and one of her apprentices

Molly knows everything about every bird, animal and plant on that farm. Her favourites though, (besides the donkeys) are the Ravens.

Oxen shoe found in the dirt.

That night we were invited to a party at a house in the hills. We took the TW’s – it was a fantastic night for a ride – and a get-together.

Molly’s Odometer rolled to 11111.1 on the way.

Molly and her husband Johnny Pease. They are very well-known in these parts

Great folks at the party.

SOme Lemonade…. well, tequilla with a bit of lemon flavour.

Molly’s Girls in the middle. They have been running their own farm stand since they were 6 and 8.

These young ladies wanted to RIDE

Although they were a little under dressed…

Molly and her daughter

The bike comparing starts young…

A fancy orange beer – turns out to be one of Ski-bums favourites – I may have brought one back…

As it got late – I took a walk around and found these guys…

The moon was really bright on the way back so we did another 30 miles or so in the perfect night air – it was surreal. One of Molly’s first homes in Maine…

The Farm by Moonlight

Same image brightened up a little bit – this is how it really looked the moon was so bright!

THe next day, one of the farm hands was sick, so I pitched in picking blueberries for part of the day – then bid my wonderful guests farewell, and headed back to Steve’s garage for the night.

I stopped traffic on a bridge to get this shot – and nobody seemed to mind, as everyone was staring at the mist….

Next…. heading back to NB…
I spent 15 years, off and on, in the Moncton area and made some very good friends there. There was Wine at Scott’s place:

A beer or two with Colin and Mary (Previously ran into him in Sackville, NB)

Yes, I am wearing a dress, I had nothing clean – my cousin loaned it to me

There were more… but no more pics.

Off to Halifax to see my family – brother, sisters, nieces and nephews.

Prob not very exciting photos – but I’ll throw some home brew pictures in for interest LOL

Brother-in-law’s (Patrick Tremblay) brew fridge with a spigot in the middle of the door….

Crazy Beautiful Sister

Inside of beer door

Baby sister and her babies

Inside of Fridge

Sister and I hanging out talkin’ bikes. She has a 450 and after one season already needs a bigger better bike! Imagine that.

Her Husbands VStar



Beer Master

SIster was running off with my bike…

When I noticed the chain was a wee bit slack without the gear on it…

Brand spakin new chain and sprockets – back sprocket now hooked??

Went to visit Tree! DId I get a photo, No. ?? But, he set me up with a route through NS to bypass the TCH and Truro, and another to go directly through Cape Breton.

I found this little Gem of a rest spot somewhere in NS.

The off-highway route through Cape Breton was a treat – sure beats the TCH. This is a Wikiloc Track I recorded – ignore the obvious sidetrack at the beginning.

Ran into a young fellow from Toronto on a Big Ruckus. He has 80,000kms on it so far.

Getting Near the Ferry

Got to the Ferry – recognize any bikes in this mess?

Wayne and Johhny Mac just returning from their fantabulous TLH adventure.

On the phones….

It was a very sunny but WINDY ride home, ended up taking Holyrood to get out of the gusts – at one point my front tire left the ground (or it felt that way) I took my white knuckles to the exit and enjoyed the rest of the ride home.

Time to plan the next trip!

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