Newfoundland to New Mexico to Guatemala

I finally sold my house. After 6 months of waiting, and two false alarms – I finally sold my house.

Backing up a bit, I left Conception Bay South Newfoundland, and my job, for an independant contract in Jaibalito, Guatemala, in February, 2014. Why Guatemala? Well, four?years ago I was there working on a CIDA project, and fell in love with the place. My job in Newfoundland was under funding stress, and it just seemed like the ideal time to head south and avoid winter. I had considered riding my KLR motorcycle, but alas, I blew the engine in October. Engines need oil, so I hear.

I lived in Jaibalito Guatemala for 6 months, waiting for my house to sell. My contract fell through so I didn’t have work, but I met some lovely people and had the privilege of having my daughter Tiana with me for three?months, and my sister for one month. I also managed to meet someone special there on the lake – but that is another story for another day. 🙂

When it finally sold, I flew back to close the deal and hang out with my son for a few weeks. ?During my time in Guatemala, a couple good samaritans went to extremes of kindness and fixed my bike – rebuilt engine and all! I can’t thank them enough.

I decided that I simply had no reason not to ride my bike back to Guatemala! I left the Island of Newfoundland on September 6, on the Argentia Ferry, and visited family in Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick before heading off to Maine on September 12, 2014.

The newly rebuilt engine is running great, and the trip has taken me to New Mexico so far, where I am taking a “day off” from riding to get some stuff done – including this! From here I go to the HU Rally in California.

The trip map created using the SPOT tracker.


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