Motorcycle Trip KLR 650 – St. John’s to Vancouver and Back Part 1

Motorcycle Trip KLR 650: From St. John’s NL to Vancouver BC, and back.

?Riders: Tammy Perry (Aratinga) and Dave Renshaw

Mileage: About 16,000kms

June 30-August 2, 2011

Two 08 KLRs with new tires

I managed to get a very nasty migraine before I left, ended up in emerg on some kind of migraine medication that worked for the night but the headache came back – spent June 27, 28 and 29 in bed hoping it would go away by the 30th.

June 30th – head better but still throbbing. THe weather was calling for rain in the afternoon so I left really early for the ferry to avoid the rain and an uncomfortable crossing.

On entering the terminal, my boot caught on a piece of metal grid and tore half my sole off. I Duct-taped it back on.

Some lovely people from Oklahoma helped me strap down the bike.

They were on the Harleys just behind me, she was on the trike. He is 70, she is 66, they have done all 52 States and are now doing all the Provinces.

I had a great meal on the ferry, with these two gentlemen from Quebec, it was a mish-mash of Frenglish and Franglais conversation, lots of fun. They were envious of my sleeping bag and pillow – asked me to share a little piece of my pillow with them, but I declined. Selfish, I know!

mmmm Bacon-wrapped scallops and baked salmon.

Day 2

Was feeling very very excited and energetic despite sleeping in awkward places on the ferry. Will need to check my SPots for the exact location, but I stopped for a quick break here.

It was still chilly (cold when I left the island) so I had a jacket on under my nice clean Hi Vis Jacket.

Met up with Dave in Truro at Victoria Falls.

We took the old highway and skipped the toll road to NB. Dave was feeling pretty comfortable on the bike, and decided to pass me, as I looked ahead I saw a large red deer heading onto the highway and beeped to get his attention. The deer passed in front him – he didn’t see it until it was on the other side. It was a very good wake-up call and made us both more attentive.

Next stop was Moncton, we got to town just in time to walk downtown to an open-air April Wine concert and Canada day Celebrations. (Not my photo)

Went to see a friend play at “The Old Triangle” where April wine later showed up to take over the stage. Here is Carey:

The guy with the hat is an old friend and also our bartender for the evening. (not my photo)

He played our favourites and we danced and (I drank water for fear of another headache) hit the hay pretty early.

Day 3

Headed for Acadieville, NB, a little village near Kouchibouguac national park. We saw another deer, and a small black-bear ran in front of us as well.

The event in Acadieville was held at Canisto Market – it was the very special occasion of my Neice’s high-school graduation. Now I know a grad party doesn’t sound terribly special, but this one had a lot of “special” attached to it. At the risk of getting too personal (never stopped me before) I’ll explain.

My family had some very traumatic experiences and it took us all a while to “heal” so to speak, so back in 1990 I had a baby girl, (Renee) and gave her up for adoption with friends of mine who couldn’t have children (Wayne and Simonne). I didn’t feel that I could be a good parent to her. Three years later, my younger sister also gave her child up for adoption, she was adopted by the best friends of the folks who adopted my girl.

Not only did these two couples adopt our girls – they adopted our family, and together we all made it through some difficult times, and we all are better people for it.

Well, the couple (John and Patsy) who adopted my sister’s girl Jessica, also had 3 foster children, young boys with some challenges of their own. Nine years ago, John was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma, and died within the year. Patsy was left to raise 3 troubled boys and a young girl by herself. She also was self-employed and ran greenhouses from her home. So this party was not only a celebration of a girl’s graduation from high-school, it was a celebration of Patsy making it through nine years on her own.

She went all out for this event as you will see in the photos.

The Greenhouse


The stage…0/IMG_0641.JPG

Patsy on the left

The guest campground

The BBQ Master raised the cow, pig and chickens that went into the meal.

Me and my Hammock

My girls, Tiana left and Renee


Jessica and Renee, two very special girls

The band (Wayne singing)

The Graduating Girl Jessica in her dress.

DInner guest


Oh yeah, and back to the bike story!

To be continued…

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