Motorcycle trip to Burin Peninsula, NL ferry boat to St. Pierre, France

Last weekend, I decided last minute to meet up with my Road King friend Brian in Burin for a trip to St. Pierre. We could not take the bikes on the ferry, but I figured a few fun pics of St. Pierre might be interesting for someone

The ferry and B&B were booked Friday am, and I left Friday after work with minimal luggage and a full tank of gas. The weather was fabulous – until of course I hit the isthmus.

THere was visible rain in the distance so I pulled over to haul on some rain gear.

I could smell it, see it and I could even hear the rain at one point – but nothing more than a few sprinkles as the rain stayed ahead of me.

Left CBS at 5:30pm and arrived in St. Lawrence at 9:30pm. The wind was daunting, and almost frightening in places where my front tire felt like it was going to lift. I had daylight until 9pm, which was wonderful!

The next morning – Brian and I meandered around on the way to the 9:30 ferry – a little too much meandering resulted in us being LATE for the ferry – the manifest was already on the boat – and we had to sweet talk them into processing our ID and getting us on the boat.

On the ferry

The day was sunny and bright – and the ocean was a wee bit excited, lots of big rolling waves.

Not a lot of passengers.

The guys running the ferry were absolutely fabulous.

They were very efficient when bringing me fresh sea-sickness bags and swiftly removed the used ones.

Arrived at the dock, looked quickly at the big map just off the main street and headed off to the B&B on the hill.

I took pics of the local transportation. The place is so small, I don’t really understand the large number of cars, but there were some interesting ones for sure.

A lot of renos, improvements and construction going on.

This house is next door to the B&B

Very nice lady on the front desk, she spoke English quite well, although she did a lot of proposing… “I propose this restaurant, I propose the coffee….”

View out the window of the room.

A lot of pride

Lunch – Sole

Assorted desserts

The room was small but VERY clean and nice, other rooms were larger.


Albertan who moved to Burin…

View from restaurant deck

Just being silly

Hiked up to the highest point (took a while)

Plane landing



Fishing Stages

Very friendly and helpful staff

How they stay in shape…

GOt the ferry back at 1:30 – no rush this time. I took Gravol I procured at the Pharmacy and slept the hour ride back It was very smooth this time.

Hope you enjoyed the peek into France!

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