So excited to be heading back to JC Super Sherpa! The plan: fly from St. John?s in to Halifax, get a bus to Moncton, and pick up some new riding gear from Atlantic Motoplex. I?ll be writing a review in Canada Moto Guide soon, a first-impressions article and then I?ll be doing a full review at the end of the trip from Florida to Atlantic Canada.

Why not fly into Moncton? The flight to Moncton was a couple hundred dollars more than the flight to Halifax, and I had a meeting, so I?had my meeting on the bus. The bus stop is only a few hundred metres from the terminal, the bus is quite comfortable and takes only slightly longer than if I drove myself. Win-win!

My friend Kym generously hosted me that night in Moncton, it’s always nice to catch up with my friend.

The next day, my daughter Ren?e and I drove to Fredericton to visit with my other daughter Tiana. We celebrated Tiana’s birthday and after two nights, headed back to Moncton to catch my flight to Florida.


The flights were great, and I arrived in Tampa before noon! ?My friend Derrick has a property in Florida, where he let me leave my Sherpa last winter. This spring, he was renting his property to a fellow Newfoundlander, Eric. This lovely person, Eric, drove the 40 minutes to Tampa and picked me up at the airport, AND let me stay in the spare room while I got my bike in order. Thank you Derrick and Eric!

The Sherpa needed a charge, so Eric rode me around town to purchase a battery charger.The battery wasn’t quite dead but didn’t have enough juice to start the engine. I read the instructions?that came with the charger and attached the positive clip to the positive post on the battery, and the negative clip to the frame, and left it to charge overnight. In the morning there was still no charge. I disconnected the charger, and reconnected with the negative clip on the battery post instead and got a full charge in a few hours.

Everything seems to be in good working order, so I lubed up the chain, checked the oil and was ready to go!


Tuesday I waited until some thundershowers passed, then rode about 300 miles to a town in GA called Jesop. Got a cheap hotel, and got some work done after eating some extremely salty fries with the?works at a “BBQ” place.


Left for Sylvania, where my friends Ron and Stephanie have an ADVrider “Tentspace” for us wayward motorcycle riders. I stayed with them on my way to Florida last fall, and it was so nice?I had to go back!

This time was an extra treat?for dinner, I went to the Methodist church’s Wednesday night community dinner for real southern-fried chicken, green beans and mac-n-cheese. Yummy! That night there was a presentation by a family raising money for a rare blood disorder that requires blood transfusions every 21 days. Their daughter has the?disease, and was busy handing out pamphlets during her parent’s presentation.

I then proceeded to talk Ron’s ear off about all kinds of topics until it was time to catch some Z’s. We discussed motorcycle communication systems, economics, politics, travel, motorcycles, food, and…. well, we talked about a lot of stuff.


Anxious to meet up with Steve Travels, my riding companion up the East Coast, I rode out on Thursday to head for my friend Duke’s place in North Carolina. I met Duke online years ago, and finally got the pleasure of?meeting him last fall at his late folk’s place in NC. It’s funny how the internet has enabled?these amazing connections with people you would not otherwise meet.

The weather was calling for torrential rain and thunder storms, but I seemed to stay just ahead of it all, I could smell the rain, but didn’t get so much as a drizzle until I reached my destination. Once parked safely in the car port, the skies opened up, and Thor let loose with all his thunder!

I was warm and dry, but Steve was traveling between Huntsville, Alabama and Knoxville, Tennessee, right in the middle of the storm. Needless to say, he was pretty soggy by the time he got to Knoxville. I’ll hear more about his trip when he gets to NC.



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