Adventure is Life, Life is Adventure

Adventure is Life, Life is Adventure

I didn’t want my first road trip on my new Honda to be this kind of adventure, but life tends to keep things interesting and the unexpected isn’t always easy.

I was in Nova Scotia and my bike was in New Brunswick, patiently waiting for the temperatures to get above freezing long enough to ensure there aren’t any black ice spots on the roads. An old friend from Moncton arrived to pick me up in the morning, so we could travel to a mutual friend’s funeral. It is usually not the most pleasant thing, a funeral, but this one was especially daunting. She was one of those well-lit people with friends in every nook and cranny, and well loved and respected by her peers. And, she was only 47 and had died suddenly, in her garden.

I spent the “wild and free” years of my youth sharing the company of both her husband’s and her family and friends. I dated her brother, and her mother cut my hair, once donating my locks to a doll maker. I had been room-mates with one of her closest friends, Monique, for a few years, and and felt a strong pull to spend time with her. The road-trip with Dave was spent reminiscing and lots of laughter, fond memories and tears.

The funeral home was busy, Janica was a popular girl, many had come to pay her respects. On signing the guest book, I choked up and accidently breathed the wrong way – and had to walk away for a moment to regain my composure. With Dave by my side, we scanned the room until I found Monique and Lisa. I don’t need to tell most of you how that went, I am sure you have all experienced a funeral home. It was especially hard for those who wanted to keep a smile for Janica, to celebrate her life, but simply could not stifle the pain and tears of their sudden loss. Shock.

After all the proceedings and the funeral the next day, Dave gave me a lift to Grand Bay to finally get to my motorcycle. My sister met me there on her V-Star and I started gearing up to go. My boots…. where are my boots!!! Oh no, I left my boots in the back of Dave’s car. IT was Sunday evening, nothing was open, and all I had were flip-flops to put on my feet. We had to stay the night, and in the morning, left early for Walmart to get me some footwear. Yes, in flip-flops, in the cold and fog. On a Motorbike.

The ride back to Moncton was cold, so we stopped at the big-stop for a hearty breakfast and some heat!

The ride to Monique’s was warmer, I wanted to keep going!

I hunkered down at Monique’s house, sleeping on the couch in the living room that so many social gatherings took place in years before. I spent a couple days there and buried my grief, for Janica and others I have lost recently, by helping Monique out of house-keeping overwhelm. Yup, I sorted and purged and cleaned and scrubbed and painted myself into a state of acceptance.

Exhausted and done with cleaning for a while, I got an invitation to stay at a cottage in Cape Spear, near the bridge to Prince Edward Island. The weather is nice, getting warmer, and I am looking forward to taking some pictures. The roads up that way are lovely for riding, and I hear the cottage is quite nice!

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