How to change a tire

This may look like it is in the wrong forum, “How to change a tire” but it is a ride report.

My day started with a sore throat and sniffle, but I had worked on Sunday so I could take Monday off to do this ride, so…

Wayne, Johhnymac and myself did the Irish loop Monday. Beautiful day, excellent weather. Met up at the Timmies in the Goulds headed towards some lighthouses…

Two lighthouses in one!

Look closely – you can see the Ferrylans lighthouse on the hill in the background.

Stopped to check out the ghosts at Chance Cove. If you look closely you can see a tree that looks just like a man – must be a ghost!

On to Cape Race, what a cool place! I wanted to climb the lighthouse, but the door was gated and locked.

Wayne and John, look how relaxed and rested they look.

Blue on Blue

Next lighthouse along the route was 20km in on a dirt road. Powles Head.

You can’t really see from this photo – but my rear tire is Flat. Lost air just as I was coming up to the lighthouse. My sore throat and sniffle had turned into a full fledged runny nose by this point.

Wayne had all his tools with him, and in his 2 years of riding, has changed 10 tires – so he is pretty confident he and John can fix it. The lighthouse keeper offers to truck the bike to a garage. The boys preferred the practice of changing the tire. It was nice out, no bugs. Why not.

The lighthouse keeper wanted to watch, he had never seen a bike tire changed.

Tire off.

Makeshift bike stand.

Three guys break-dancing on the tire to break the bead.

John presses on the patch with medical professional skill.

John’s CO2 pump.

Tire back on the wheel.

Co2 filled up the tire – but it wasn’t holding air. Borrowed the lighthouse compressor.

Wayne not impressed it isn’t holding air.

Break the bead, take off the rubber. Wayne does the patch this time.

TIre back on the rim. Still not holding air. At this point Wayne brings up Skibum’s story about the nail going all the way through and poking holes in the other side of the tube.

Break the bead, take off the rubber.

Lighthouse guy brings out the sunlight,

The tube is riddled with holes – but they look like they would all fit under one big patch.

Nice place to change a tire.

Finally the tire was back on the bike and holding air. Time to fix the tire, 1hr 20 minutes.

Off we went to finish the loop – more great weather!

Until Holyrood when my tire went poof and was flat again.

I suggested I call someone with a truck or trailer to get the bike home to CBS, but the boys wanted the practice …

Tire was removed, re-patched, inflated and back on the bike in under half an hour. That includes glue drying time.

And after all that – they were still smiling!

I am grateful for all the help and expertise – sure glad I wasn’t on my own. Thanks Wayne and John. You are now the official pit crew!

I got home fine, but by the time I got home I had a fever of 101 and had to go to bed. I have been hit with a nasty flu – I sure hope I didn’t pass it on to anyone.

Oh, and thanks to Mrs. JohnnyMac for the cookies!!

It was a good ride, even with the flats. Great practice and we all learned something new for next time. Hope you are feeling better today Tammy. And yes Mrs Johnnymac makes good cookies.

Black and Blue and Red

Searching for ghosts

I took this pic for Murph, they painted this shed ‘faded KLR red’. Cool!

Cape Race

Powles Head

First noticing the flat tire

Just to add a few pics….

As we all know the tradition of christening news ships by breaking a bottle of champagne against the bow… I now know how motorcycles are christened…

By having a dog piss on your tire….
Your bike is now christened Wayne! Hope you picked out a name!

The culprit

Do we get extra points in the lighthouse thread for taking pics of your bike “From the top of a lighthouse”???????

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