Ride the Boot

My friend Brian from ST Lawrence, picked up his ROad King in St. John’s and needed someone to drive his truck back to At. Lawrence.

So…I discovered my KLR fits in the back of a truck with a cap

After arriving, there was still some daylight so we took off around the loop.

Isn’t she pretty?

It was still nice out so we stayed out past the Moose haunting hour – but went slowly and cautiously on to enjoy the sunset…

ANd have a cup of tea…

We saw only one moose who crossed the road gracefully about 200m ahead of us. SOrry – didnt have time to take a picture.

Back to St. Lawrence for some fresh trout, wild rice and swiss chard.

We were planning to get up early and just tour around, but it was quite foggy – it started to lift around 9:30 so we headed out then…

I found a couple trails to go up to get some better pictures so the ROad King had a nap while I scooted around in the dirt…

FOund this fella on one of my off-road excursions.

ANd to the sound of the rumbling 1800cc engine (is that true? Can it be 1800 or is he pulling my leg) I turned around to the see the Road King become the off-road king. Kudos.

Sail-boat classes on a pond.

Pulled over and climbed a hill to get some shots of the crazy landscape, flora and fauna.

Looking way down on the bikes

I love how the rocks are all so randomly placed.

My tall slim girl next to… well

Further along I caught a white flash out of the corner of my eye…

A lookout spot

Sunny and warm ahhhhh

Me and you and a bike named blue…. la la la

Brian rode me out to the highway then headed back home, and I continued home to CBS – it was REALLY COLD crossing the isthmus – but warmed up a bit back on the Avalon.

SOme fun!

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