Day 1 of location independence! Last day of work

Day 1 of location independence! Last day of work

My last day of work started out with bang! I had an appointment at 9am with the Real Estate Lawyer to sign my home over to the new owner, who happens to be my former spouse. At 9:05, while signing papers – the lawyer stopped and said that I need to talk to the buyer. I went to work and read an email from the buyer, apologetically saying that he could not complete the purchase, he was not going to buy the house.

Wow. I was floored – but immediately enacted plan “B”. I offered the downstairs tenants the upstairs apartment at a good deal, if they would manage the property for me while I was gone, including finding someone to rent the downstairs. They were happy to take the offer and I am grateful for their decision!

My colleagues at work took the time to have a going away tea for me – and wow, they collected a travel fun for me ?for the trip across the island! Cindy, my boss – gave a very special speech that left me speechless. I was overwhelmed by her kind words. The staff at PDCS are truly like family, I will miss them.

I finished packing and organizing the last few items in preparation for packing my car up tomorrow for the long ride across the island on Saturday. Tony and Sheila and their two girls ?came by tonight for a good bye visit – and Tony offered to take my bike and store it in his garage over the winter. Awesome! Anuj, Ritche, Dan and Perry, from work, came by for a last ?goodbye as well. It feels kind of empty here now with everyone gone.

Little did I know that Tony had plans for my KLR… to be continued.





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