meAboutHelping you get your course online is what I do.  You have the expertise in your head, and I can help you break it up into useful bits, simplify the content, create info-graphics, edit photos and video and get the whole thing together online, in a course that will reflect your personality, your vision and your purpose.

cliffI live on the most Easterly edge of North America, on an island in the North Atlantic Ocean. The simplicity of life here is hugely inspirational for taking often complicated content and presenting it in a simple, engaging, and beautiful way.

The best way to see the island, and experience life, in my humble opinion, is by being part of it. Riding a motorcycle lets you become part of your story, rather than an observer of it. I use my motorcycle as a way to become a part of my life, my story, and I transfer that simplicity and engagement on to your courses.

For a course to be engaging, the learner needs to be “on the ground” experiencing the content, and feeling the purpose.



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  1. Love your site. I think that with my portfolio and your expertise, we could work together successfully. Let me know.

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